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Please find our Client Support FAQ below. To contact Client Support, please click the "Contact Us" hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of your eSellerate control panel. That will redirect you to our support email address. For order support, please refer your customers to our Shopper Support contact form at https://www.mycommerce.com/shopper-support/.

Account Management

Account Management

What HTML do I use to make my receipt show a clickable link for download?

eSellerate receipts and Order Confirmation e-mail messages support basic HTML markup.  You can add a hyperlink to the Order Email & Receipt Text field on your SKU's Advanced tab using the following simple steps:

1) Enter <a href=" followed by the URL of the download.

2) Immediately following the URL, enter ">

3) Enter the clickable portion of the link - i.e., the text you want customers to click to begin the download.

4) Following the text for the clickable portion of the link, enter </a>

For example, if your download URL is http://www.acme.com/download.zip and you want the clickable text to read as "Click here to download", you would enter the following:

<a href="http://www.acme.com/download.zip">Click here to download</a>.

Alternatively, you might consider using the URL itself for the clickable text of the link, like this:

<a href="http://www.acme.com/download.zip">http://www.acme.com/download.zip</a>


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