How to Contact Technical Support

How to Contact Technical Support


This article provides guidance for Publishers, Affiliates and SplitPay Payees on contacting eSellerate's Technical Support / Client Services team.


There are different ways to contact eSellerate Client Services for technical or account assistance.  The options available depend on what type of account you have with eSellerate:


Submit a Ticket via the Support Portal

eSellerate Publishers can log on to the support portal with just one click and no need to enter any credentials - just click the Support link at the top right-hand corner of any page in the control panel.

Note:  This option is not available for Affiliates or SplitPay Payees.

Once on the support portal, you can view your entire ticket history - including messages you have sent and responses from eSellerate - and reply to an existing ticket or submit a new one.

The support portal also features an extensive Knowledge Base that can be an invaluable tool in finding the answers to our most frequently-asked questions.  In many cases, you may be able to find the answer to your question immediately, without even having to submit a ticket.

To reply to an existing ticket, just click the Provide Additional Info button towards the bottom of the Ticket Detail page, as shown here:


Send an E-mail Message

As always, Publishers, Affiliates and SplitPay Payees can also e-mail eSellerate Client Services at for assistance.  When publishers send e-mail to that address from an e-mail address associated with their publisher accounts, the support system will automatically create a ticket in the portal, as well.

For publishers who prefer e-mail over using the portal, you need never log on or view the portal at all (though the Knowledge Base is highly recommended).  But if you need to look back at a previous support e-mail message you have sent from an address associated with your publisher account (or received from Client Services at such an address), the portal will have a record of it.  Replying to an e-mail message received from Client Services will automatically update the ticket record to include your response.

Anyone - Publishers, Affiliates or SplitPay Payees - can access and search the knowledge base via the external portal Web site at


Customer Support for Purchasers

If your customers have questions about a successful order, a declined transaction, or a subscription, they can contact our dedicated Customer Support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They can e-mail or call +1 952-908-4090.  Our Customer Support team has a goal of resolving most incoming support requests within 24 hours or less.

Customers can also view a special customer-facing Knowledge Base, complete with a self-guided Troubleshooter tool, at

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