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My organization is tax-exempt and does not pay sales tax. How do I order without paying sales tax?


eSellerate's parent company, DR MyCommerce, is registered to collect state sales tax in every U.S. state that has a state sales tax.  Although it is not possible to prevent sales tax from being collected on orders placed by customers in those states, customers whose organizations are tax-exempt can receive a refund of the sales tax collected on their orders. This article describes the simple process of obtaining a sales tax refund.


Because there are no online databases by which various state-issued tax IDs may be electronically verified in real-time, it is not possible to prevent sales tax from being collected.  However, customers whose organizations are exempt from paying sales tax can receive a full refund of the sales tax amount, credited back to the same payment account used for the order.

To receive a refund of state sales tax after placing an order

1) Send an e-mail message to with a subject line of "Sales Tax Refund Request", or send a fax to +1 952-253-8760.

2) In the message, include the order ID shown on your receipt / invoice.  The order ID always begins with "ST" (e.g., "ST123456789").

3) In the message, please include / attach your organization's tax exempt documentation.  This may be a certificate, tax form, or other government-issued documentation.

Customer Support for sales tax refunds is available 24 hours a day.  Once your refund has been processed, the funds will post back to the payment account (e.g., credit card) used for the order within 3-5 business days, or sooner.

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