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Please note that in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our support team, we are no longer offering technical support by telephone. As always, you can contact us by e-mail or via the Support Portal for assistance, and your customers can e-mail or call our dedicated Customer Support team 24 hours a day for questions about orders or declined transactions.

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Why are some SKUs not showing up on my fax form?

SKUs that have the Requires Shipping check box selected on the Advanced tab will not be displayed on the phone or fax form.  Shipping pricing varies depending on how the shipping table is set up, and since purchasers are usually prompted to select what type of shipping they'd like (USPS, Priority mail, etc.) it is not possible to have all of those options on the faxed form. The shipping tables vary for each publisher.

Also, publishers who use shipping tables typically control all aspects of fulfillment for shippable orders; eSellerate does not process fulfillment for any type of order other than eCD.

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